Do I Need to Replace My Sound System?

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I recently fielded a call from a church in California, looking for some help. They had moved into a new building and consulted a local audio video company. This company had advised them that they needed to replace their entire sound system. I asked them to send me pictures and a list of the existing equipment. I was expecting that their gear would be outdated, but to my surprise, they had some really nice newer gear. Furthermore, It seemed like it would work great in their new space. So what’s the deal? Well, I don’t know what this other company was thinking but I have a couple ideas.

  1. All their gear was solid but basic. A lot of A/V companies want to sell you on the latest digital gear. While it’s nice to have all the bells and whistles, sometimes you’re getting features you don’t need and won’t use while increasing the complexity level of the system for your volunteers. See my post Simple
  2. Audio Video companies make money on gear. I’m more than happy to let you order gear on your own. My value is my knowledge of and experience with audiovisual systems. I’m not a dealer for any brand, so I don’t feel any pressure to recommend something that I sell. Instead, I can recommend something that will work best for your application, budget and operator skill level regardless of manufacturer.

So to answer my question, maybe. There’s always a possibility that your sound system really needs an upgrade or one piece of gear that is dragging everything else down. I recently helped a church that gained a vast improvement in quality by  upgrading their microphones. I also did a job where a speaker upgrade made a huge difference. Bottom line, a consultation or second opinion, could save you a lot of money.


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