Could Your Sound System Physically Injure Someone?

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This week I took the kids on new activity, roller-skating! While I was there I noticed something that alarmed me. Suspended over the roller skating rink were several large, heavy speakers held by chain and these.


This is exactly the wrong type of clip. In fact, you will find the disclaimer similar to this: “Do not use for overhead lifting.”

I also noted that the speakers were not meant to be hung, so they had just added a couple of screw type eye-bolts into the fiberboard cabinet.


Again, this is incorrect. Fiberboard speaker sides are not designed to hold the weight of the speaker.

Speakers which can be flown have been designed with structural fly points which use proper threaded eye bolts.

I have been to events where 75 pound speakers were 6 feet in the air and the stand was set up improperly.


This is wrong, the base of a speaker stand should be as wide as it will go to prevent tipping.


This is much safer!

So remember, speakers are heavy so make sure that they are on a level, stable surface and set up properly. If you are hanging speakers, consider contacting a structural engineer to see if your hanging point will hold the load and have the speakers hung by a professional. Speakers which tip over or fall from above are definitely a liability.



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