We’ve Already Bought the Sound System…

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As an A/V consultant and installer, this phrase strikes fear in my heart! Now I know you may be thinking that I want to sell you some equipment but that’s not the case. I’m perfectly willing to let you purchase your own equipment; my fear has much more to do with WHAT you are purchasing.

Let’s use a comparison. If you were shopping for a vehicle, you would have in mind what you wanted based on what need the vehicle to do. A two passenger sports car is not your transportation of choice if you have a large family and want to pull a travel trailer on the weekends! Every church auditorium is different. You need a sound system that works with your room. (I would refer you to my article The Most Important Piece of Your Sound System.) Even further, you need a sound system that works with the needs of your church. If you have an orchestra and choir your solution is going to be different than a church with a praise band! How many channels do you need on your mixer? How many microphones do you need and what kind? Do you need powered or passive speakers? How many stage monitors should you have and where should they be placed? Does your speaker system need external signal processing and what kind? Should you have a digital or analog mixer? The answers to these questions and more depend upon your unique ministry and situation.

So here’s my plea to you. Please don’t just buy a sound system and hope it works! Proclaim AV can give you sound advice (pun intended) based on your room and your needs. It’s much less frustrating to install the right sound system the first time.



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