The Most Important Piece of Your Sound System

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I often tell people that the most important piece of their sound system is the room. Not a shiny new digital mixer, not a high tech speaker system, not super digital signal processing – just the room itself.

Often I encounter rooms that have speech intelligibility problems. You may ask, doesn’t my sound system take care of that? No. In fact, the sound system often makes the problem worse. Yes, there are expensive electronic solutions but often you will be surprised at how much better your current system sounds and works if you fix the room. Be aware however, that fixing your room may reveal underlying problems with your sound system.

If you are getting ready to build, I recommend that you employ the services of a good acoustic consultant to work with your architect. Explain to both your goals for the space, isolation from nearby classrooms or outside noise, speech intelligibility, and music types to be used. Remember, acoustical consultants don’t sell products, they sell technical advice. The National Council of Acoustical Consultants ( is a good place to start but remember to check out references as well. If possible, go see and hear spaces they have designed which are similar to the one you want to construct. A little bit of investment up front will save you years of headaches and expensive solutions in the long term.

If you already own a building, it’s not too late to fix your acoustic problems, contact Proclaim A/V. We can help determine if your room or the sound system is the problem and recommend a solution.


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