Make Your Computer or Mobile Device Play Nice With Any Sound System

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For anyone attempting to interface a computer, tablet or smartphone with a professional sound system, here’s my favorite solution. Its called the Switchcraft 318 and it lets you hook up any 1/8″ stereo headphone jack up to a standard XLR microphone input. The 318 has an integrated ground lift switch to help eliminate stray hums or buzzing, a small volume control on the top and doesn’t need batteries. Best of all, it’s make of a solid block of aluminum , so you won’t break it unless you run over it with a truck. No more long chains of adapters, usb powered external stuff or dead batteries. The 318 even includes the 1/8″ cable to connect your device. The 318 is a simple solution and smaller than your phone.


But whatever you do, don’t do this:


While it looks like a cheap solution, it’s actually made to connect an XLR mic to a 1/8″ stereo mic input and and the output of your laptop will overdrive the input of the sound board, creating distorted sound.

Do you have questions about interfacing devices with your sound system? Contact Proclaim AV, we’re glad to help!


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