Are Your Wireless Mics Legal?

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(Updated 11-2016)

In July of 2011, television stations switched over to digital broadcasting. Consequently, many wireless mics were required to stop transmitting on the old TV channels. So, does this include your wireless mics?  If so you may be in violation of FCC regulations, and soon you will start having digital interference bursts over your sound system, since almost all mics made in this range were analog. (Think fax machine or  modem noises.)

Maybe your church upgraded in 2011 or later, but now things are uncertain again. The FCC is moving even more channels around in 2016.  The good news is there will be a 39 month period for unlicensed users to stop using wireless mics after the changes are made. However, you may need to replace your wireless mics in the next  four years.

Now the good news! The FCC has been lobbied by major wireless mic makers and is making promises about creating some safe spectrum for wireless mic users.

Update: As of November 2016, the second part of the spectrum auction continues to drag on… However, this isn’t so bad, it just means that you’ll get more life out of your current wireless systems while the FCC does it’s thing.

If you have questions about your wireless mics, contact Proclaim A/V for our Wireless Assessment.  We’ll look at your current system and even give you a list of recommended replacement mics if needed.  Proclaim also has a digital mic system you can try before you buy!



One thought on “Are Your Wireless Mics Legal?

    […] RF interference is not a new problem but is an ever increasing one. In the early days we all heard stories of mic interference from CB radios, radio stations, and the like. Today, the government (FCC) is busy auctioning off the former TV spectrum (where many wireless mics operated) to the highest bidder for things like cell phones and high speed data. This means that you may begin to find less and less available channels for your wireless mics, depending on where you live. It also means that wireless mics that you have previously purchased might now or could soon be illegal to operate. (See my article Keeping Your Wireless Mics Legal.) […]


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