We’ve Already Bought the Sound System…

As an A/V consultant and installer, these words make me sad. A sound system isn’t just an item you pick off the shelf and check off your list, it needs much more consideration.

Let’s use a comparison. If you were shopping for a vehicle, you would have in mind what you wanted based on what you need to do. A Corvette is not your car of choice if you have a large family. Every church auditorium is different. You need a sound system that works with your room.  Additionally, you need a sound system that works with the needs of your church.  Traditional churches have much different needs than contemporary churches. How many channels do you need on your mixer? How many microphones do you need and what kind? Do you need powered or passive speakers? How many stage monitors should you have and where should they be placed? Does your speaker system need external signal processing and what kind? Should you have a digital or analog mixer? The answers to these questions and more depend upon your unique ministry and situation.

So here’s my plea to you. Please don’t just buy a sound system and hope it works! Consult someone who can give you sound advice based on your room and your needs. It’s much less frustrating to install the right sound system the first time.